EXPANSION: ART AUCTION 2016 was our inaugural attempt to showcase some amazing artists, have a fun party, have an exciting auction and raise funds to keep progressive arts alive and well at The Randolph School via their commitment to their new arts building The Studios.  And the night did not disappoint! EXPANSION raised over $20,000 to support the building of The Studios. A massive thank you to all of our incredible artists for their donations, and to all of those who came out in style to celebrate art and support The Randolph School! It was a blast!

EXPANSION: ART AUCTION 2017 managed once again to wow the audience with incredible works of art that kept hands waving for coveted pieces from the likes of Paola Ochoa, Anna Bergin, Ed Benavente, Matt Kinney and many many more. The event sold over 50 works donated by an illustrious community of artists who believe in the passion and the commitment the Randolph School provides in progressive arts education. We successfully raised $25,000 for the Randolph School and were overwhelmed by the support that made EXPANSION a huge success for a 2nd year in a row. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone for believing in this venture and being a part of sustaining Randolph’s future.

EXPANSION: ART AUCTION 2018 will again offer a variety of amazing artwork via live and silent auction as well as an entertaining evening out for friends and supporters of the arts and progressive education. The focus of this year’s auction will be to raise funds for Randolph’s Tuition Assistance Program. The time has come for us to begin laying the foundation for even more children to become part of the Randolph legacy. The Tuition Assistance Program recognizes that each family’s financial situation is unique and aims to support as many children as possible to attend Randolph with less of a financial burden.  We hope you will join us in supporting this incredibly worthwhile journey. Mark your calendar and join us!



Saturday, April 28th

5:30 – 9:30 PM

Howland Cultural Center

477 Main St, Beacon, New York

Tickets $25